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Awesome man-bear stars in trailer for Russian superhero movie

Forget werewolves. Upcoming Russian action movie "Guardians" features a werebear superhero as part of a team of superhumans.

The world has gone crazy for big-budget superhero movies, and Russia is no exception. The final trailer for "Guardians" ("Zaschitniki") came out on Wednesday and it looks crazy-spectacular.

Fans of US-based superhero flicks will see some similarities here, like the one female superhero on the team who fights a lot like Black Widow from "The Avengers."

Here's the quick version of the plot: A mysterious supervillain (who looks a lot like Bane from"The Dark Knight Rises") is assaulting Moscow and a team of mutant superhumans created during the Cold War are the only ones who can stop the damage.

There's a martial-arts specialist, a dude who can build a boulder collection on his body, an acrobatic woman who manipulates water, and, best of all, a man-bear.

Let's focus on the werebear, which elevates this footage from action-packed superhero trailer into the realm of sublime fabulousness. Part-human, part-bear, this hairy superhero can go from all-bear to human-Ursidae hybrid. He jumps on a gun battery, smacks bad guys around, wields a massive machine gun and crams his furry butt into a crowded elevator. I could watch this all day.

The film opens in Russia in February, but its availability to the rest of the world is still unknown.