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Google Street View has to reshoot in Japan

After complaints from many people that their Street View cameras caught too many private moments, Google has to reshoot every Japanese image.

For Google Street View, Japanese version, it's not a wrap. It seems to be more of a wrap on the knuckles.

Google has received so many complaints about the height of its ambition, I am sorry, I mean the height of its cameras, that it will re-shoot all of its Japanese footage again. With cameras of a more modest scope.

According to some critics, Google's eagle eyes were more those of vultures, capturing the meat of rather too many private moments over too many private fences.

This is one of the offensively lofty Street View cars in Japan. You can just make out the red tip of the Ladybug 2 camera. CC Raneko/Flickr

In Japan, people are not fond of having even their clean laundry aired in public. And the protests became too great for Google to ignore.

So the company has agreed to bow to these complaints and lower its gaze by 16 inches.

Which will cost a little money, as it has already filmed in 12 Japanese cities, including Tokyo and Osaka.

This news comes as Google is also facing a few hurdles in Greece.

Authorities there have halted all Street View filming until Google satisfies them that its intentions are good and that its cameras will not show number plates, restaurant waiters smashing plates or anyone secretly watching the DVD of "Mamma Mia."