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Greece halts Google Street View

The Greeks are concerned about how long Google will keep the images and other security issues.

Beware Google bearing gifts.

Greece has decided to stop the lovely, sensitive Google Street View drivers from taking any more pictures while it considers whether those young Turks are taking too many liberties.

It has asked the somewhat large search company to provide information regarding the length of time Google intends to keep the images.

"I had one of those Street View cars outside my house last night. Trojan horses, if you ask me." CC Tilemahos Efthimiadis/Flickr

It has also asked about how Google informs those who might be leaving the homes of illicit lovers, emerging from pornographic establishments, or vomiting on the sidewalk (English tourists) and are suddenly caught by the righteous retina of the Google eye.

It appears that Greece has taken similar measures against a rival surveillance service operated by the Greek ISP Kapou.

As Plato himself put it: "Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous." Oh, but virtue is so difficult, is it not?