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Google Friend Connect syncs up with Twitter

You can now use your Twitter log-in on sites compatible with Google Friend Connect, and click a button to send out a "tweet" when you join a Friend Connect-compatible site.

These data portability announcements keep rolling on: On Monday, Google announced that its Google Friend Connect product, which plugs social-networking features into participating sites, is now compatible with Twitter.

So what does this mean? Well, if you go to a site that uses Google Friend Connect, you can opt to use your Twitter credentials to log in to it. Then, as the official Google blog explained, you can then find which of your other Twitter friends are using the same site. Also, you can send out a "tweet" announcing that you've joined up.

Twitter was one of the launch partners for the MySpace Data Availability service, now known as MySpaceID. That has yet to launch, but MySpace has used Google Friend Connect to power the standard, so this could be a sign that it's still on the way.

What's not on Twitter yet? Facebook Connect, the rival log-in product developed by the social network, which rolled out to a full launch on the same day as Google Friend Connect. Rumor has it that Facebook tried to buy Twitter in a failed $500 million deal. There's still no reason to assume Twitter won't integrate Facebook Connect, but for now, it's just Google's alternative.