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Give your iPod Touch some recording muscle

The Alesis ProTrack and iProRecorder brings direct-to-iPod stereo recording to the iPod Touch.

Photo of Alesis ProTrack with iPod Touch.
The Alsesis ProTrack now works with the Apple iPod Touch. Alesis

If you're in the market for a high-end, portable, audio recorder, but don't have the ducats for something like the Sony PCM-D50, the Alesis ProTrack may be just the thing. The Alesis ProTrack was announced back in June for older generations of the iPod (fifth-generation video iPod or iPod Nano generation two or three), but before it started shipping last month, it was updated to include support for the iPod Touch and other recent iPod models.

The ProTrack includes built-in stereo-condenser microphones, combo XLR/instrument jacks (phantom powered), stereo minijack input, and a switchable audio limiter. Recordings are made as either 44KHz or 22KHz, 16-bit WAV files, stored directly to your iPod. The device works natively with most models of iPod (including recent Classic and Nano models), however, if you want it to work with a second-generation iPod Touch (sorry, no first-gen Touch support) you'll apparently need to pay an extra $4.99 for an iProRecorder App.

The Alesis ProTrack is on sale now for $299 retail, or around $199 street. Video below.