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'ProTrack': A handheld recorder dock for the iPod

Alesis combines two microphones with a portable dock.


Companies have tried just about everything to come up with different themes for the ubiquitous iPod dock, whether they be inspired by Legos or bathtub suds. But unlike so many others, Alesis has come up with a combo function that may actually be useful.

Its "ProTrack" is a handheld dock with two built-in condenser microphones that record directly to the media player. Rather than a separate unit that might pull the iPod off the table by an attached plug, the ProTrack is designed to secure the player firmly in its grasp no matter how carried away you might get while screaming into it. The digital stereo recorder will work with most versions of the iPod, according to iLounge, and can run for up to five hours on four AAA batteries. Coming to a karaoke bar near you.