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Geek chic necklace for summer

Green Resistor Triplets Necklace from Fractalspin actually look fashionable.

Summer is coming, eventually, and bare necks bring an opportunity for neck decoration: scarfs, ribbons, necklaces....resistors.

Green Resistor Triplets Necklace for $110
Green Resistor Triplets Necklace for $110 Fractalspin

For the chic geek in your life there is unique jewelry that actually looks fashionable.

The Green Resistor Triplets Necklace for $110 from Fractalspin at first glance resembles turquoise beads. Seven sets of tiny green resistors hang from a silver chain.

While unconventional jewelry made of tech parts and video game icons may be too quirky for some, Popgadget agrees that the Green Resistor Triplets Necklace joins the ranks of the sleek and chic.