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Turning stock listings into fashion

Artist makes jewelry from recycled newspapers.

Crossword brooch

Now you can not only read The New York Times, you can wear it. And not just as one of those dorky paper-ship hats, either.

Artist Holly Anne Mitchell fashions jewelry from recycled newspapers, and the innovative results are surprisingly stylish--pins and cuff links from crossword puzzles, earrings and bracelets from stock listings, sudoku puzzles and color Sunday comics. The pieces--which could become collectors' items as newspapers increasingly give way to digital content--sell online and generally run between $80 and $200.

Comic earrings

Mitchell's paper-fashion pursuits started when she was a student of fine arts at the University of Michigan charged with creating a piece of jewelry without using traditional materials like metal or precious/semi-precious stones.

And she doesn't stop at newspapers--she even makes jewelry from expired coupons and losing lottery tickets. (You know what the ancient philosophers said: one person's bad luck is another person's brooch.)