Gamespot: Japanese PSP to get TV tuner

Gamespot reports that when the new PSP is released in Japan on September 20, the Japanese market will also get a new accessory, a TV tuner (PSP-S310) that attaches to the PSP's USB port.

The new TV tuner only picks up Japanese TV.

Gamespot is reporting that when the new, slimmer PSP is released in Japan on September 20, buyers there will also be able to pick up a new TV tuner accessory, the PSP-S310, which will attach to the new PSP's USB port.

The article says that, "The peripheral weighs in at only 17 grams and is very portable, but is compatible only with the new PSP model. Also, since it's a 1seg digital TV tuner (ISDB-T broadcasting format), its use is limited to the Japan airwaves. The TV tuner will be released at the same time as the new PSP, and will retail for 6,980 yen (about $57), about the same as a low-end USB TV tuner for a PC."

The article also goes on to talk about a few other Japan-only items. On top of the ice-silver and ceramic-white colored PSPs that the U.S. market will see, Japan gets three additional colors: rose pink, lavender purple, and felicia blue. There's also a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII limited edition bundle, "which includes a special silver PSP featuring distinctly colored buttons, logos, and a serial number. The limited edition set also includes the Crisis Core PSP game and a key chain, shaped like the sword of the game's hero, Zack." It's due to come out September 13 for 25,890 yen, or around $212. The new "basic" PSP will sell for 19,800 yen, or around $162.

Personally, I hope Sony hurries up and brings the TV tuner to the U.S. along with some sort of PSP-centric USB keyboard. Throw in a word-processing application and I'd be able turn my PSP into a UMPC for a fraction of the cost.