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Hands-on with the new PSP

GameSpot provides an in-depth look at the new PSP.

Size comparison of slim PSP versus original PSP
The new PSP is 33 percent lighter and 19 percent slimmer.

James Yu at GameSpot got to spend some quality time with the newly redesigned PSP at last week's E3 show. Some of the details he confirmed during his hands-on session with the new PSP:

  • The reduced weight is noticeable when you pick it up.
  • The new battery is slimmer. Old PSP batteries can be used to "double playing time," but the battery cover won't fit over top of it. Instead, Sony will offer a high-capacity power kit with a fitted cover.
  • The control layout is essentially the same, but GameSpot editors felt the d-pad and buttons on the new unit provided "a little more tactile feedback and better overall feel."
  • Standard 3.5mm headphones will still work, but the new jack configuration won't be compatible with the existing PSP remote.
  • The improved game loading time is said to be due to the doubling of the internal RAM (from 32MB to 64MB), which allows more of the game data to be loaded from UMD to the internal memory.
  • AV output cables will be sold separately, and available in composite, S-Video, and component varieties (price TBD).
  • The new PSP can be charged over USB--opening the possibility that you'll be able to use more generic power adapters, and charge straight from a PC.
  • The new PSP will retain the $169 price tag of the existing model when it hits this September. The $200 "Entertainment Pack" versions will also be available, with additional colors and pack-ins.

For complete details, check out the full report at GameSpot, which also includes plenty of photos.