Game over for PlayStation 2 in Japan

Sony terminates production of the venerable PlayStation 2 gaming gizmo in the Land of the Rising Sun. But the elder game console isn't dead quite yet.

Christopher MacManus
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Christopher MacManus
Throughout its life, the PlayStation 2 underwent 18 revisions -- some major, some minor -- all of which led to increased efficiency and a smaller footprint. Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony has discontinued the PlayStation 2 in Japan, says a report, nearly 13 years after the device's introduction.

Famitsu broke the news that Sony halted Japanese production of PlayStation 2 hardware in its home country, but the blog also noted that the company plans to continue developing and selling games for the video game console. We've reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment America for more information about future PS2 plans in the U.S. -- check back later for a response.

For those wondering about the fate of the PS2 around the world, expect to see the device for sale where it makes sense. The device sports a gargantuan gaming library (nearly 11,000 games) and can still succeed in many countries held back from the normal cycle of video game generations -- key areas such as the BRIC market segment (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and the surrounding countries, for example.

The PlayStation 2 hit the scene in 2000 and ushered in a new era of home entertainment with its high-quality 3D gaming and built-in DVD player. Since its debut, the PS2 went on to achieve 155.1 million sales and earned the title of the most popular video game console of all time (even considering handheld gaming devices) -- a crown it wears to this day.

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