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Gadgettes 141: The Food Issues Episode

These days, it always seems to come back around to food, and analyzing each other's food issues is pretty enlightening. Here are some tools to appease the inner food critic.

These days, it always seems to come back around to food, and analyzing each other's food issues is pretty enlightening. Here are some tools to appease the inner food critic.

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Flint woman invents Corner Cap to keep boxes of food from spilling

World’s smallest microwave also has world’s worst name

Aero Blue Robot prepares to dish out unemployment to Japanese waiters

Chocolate scented calculator is torture for dieters

Hot Dogs to Go (thanks, engnr_chik!)

Tool Time
Metal Detecting Sandals for beachy high-jinx

Gender Gap
Tactical Grilling Kit

Bling RX (It’s About Time Edition) (thanks, Nikhil)
Chopard Super Ice Cube

Pink Watch
Barbie-themed football table will appeal to both sexes, maybe

Kill Me (Food Issues edition)
Singing Baseball Glove Chip & Dip Bowl

Ask a Gadgette
Hello all. I had a question tech / parenting question. My wife is heading back east next week with our 6-year-old and 1-year-old. I have a 80 gb ipod classic and what do you all thing about handing it off to the 6-year-old for a series of long car drives that they are to be doing. Will load it up with the bastion of all the disney flicks that I have. Yes all legally purchased.

Is it tooly to have the 6 year old with the ipod for the car drive or helping out mom who will have her hands full with her folks and a one year old? I am not going as I am part of those “these troubled times” people. Wife is a teacher and done for the summer. I have been home with the kids for a month or so. I am using the time to head out and hit the bricks looking for stuff.

Love the show and looking forward to more Lindsey visits.

Jake in Fullerton, CA
BBQSAUCE in the BOL chat room

Hey Molly, Kelly & Jason,

I would not be surprised if this has already been sent in already but if not then here a Star Trek casket & urn.

(rapidly aging Spock & Genesis planet not included)

Thanks & I love the show!

Philip (Jago)


In episode 140, the bathroom episode, you had a question about a shaver where there was a guy in a bathrobe. I am sure this is one of those things that interrupts your life until you find the answer, well maybe not but here is the answer anyway… it is called the body groomer and it (as well as some great videos) can be found at http://www.shaveeverywhere.com One of the videos of the guy in the robe is there as well as other videos about the age old question of how to deal with Second Puberty. Pass it along to the men in your life, they may thank you for it!
Hope it helps!

Love the show

Rich, the ultrasound tester in Washington (from the same company as the wonderful body groomer)

Hey Ladies and Jason (assuming you are back from HI),

Loved last weeks show about female grooming and toilets for the 2000s. Had a couple of comments for you and a link to something interesting.

So genatalia shaving for women doesn’t get all of the euphemisms! There is a video that I think is authentically from Gillette showing men how to try and make a mountain out of a mole hill. It is safe for work as it is in cartoon format.

Love you gals!

Marc in MS