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Friday Poll: Now will you buy an Xbox One or a PS4?

Microsoft unveiled some big changes to the Xbox One Internet and used-game requirements. Does this change your mind about which console to buy?

Xbox vs. PS4 controllers
It's a fight to the finish.
Christopher MacManus/James Martin

A month ago, we asked which next-gen console you were planning to invest in. Over 6,000 people responded and 51 percent threw their money and support behind Sony's PlayStation 4. That left 34 percent planning on the Xbox One, and only 7 percent who were budgeting for both.

A lot has happened since we checked in on your gaming sentiments. Microsoft took some shots over its announced policies of requiring an always-on Internet connection and putting restrictions on the used-game market for the Xbox One. Sony even got in a good video ribbing of its rival's used-game policy.

After weathering a backlash, Microsoft has changed its mind about a few things. For starters, an Internet connection is no longer required to play offline games after the console's initial setup. The other big change is that restrictions on the sales of used games have been lifted. You will be able to share and resell your discs.

One difference that won't be changing is Microsoft's $100 price premium over the PS4, but the company's moves bring the Xbox One back into line with how the gaming market has traditionally been arranged.

You've absorbed the news. You've seen Microsoft's response to the Xbox One criticism. You've read our breakdown of the two consoles going head-to-head. Have the new Xbox One policies changed your mind about the console, or do you only have eyes for the PlayStation 4? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.