Flush with your smartphone: Toilets get Bluetooth

Praying to the porcelain god is about to get a lot more hands-off with a new line of Bluetooth-enabled toilets controlled by an Android app.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Satis toilet
The Satis G-Type is one of three new Bluetooth toilets from Lixil. Lixil
Satis toilet app
There's an app for that toilet. (Click to enlarge.) Lixil

Japan already has the market cornered on fancy toilets, but there's always room for more potty innovations. A new line of toilets from Lixil will soon turn smartphones into commode controllers.

The Satis toilets are set for release in early 2013. Through the magic of Bluetooth and an accompanying Android app, users will have minute control over these high-tech privies.

The app can trigger a lifting of the toilet seat or a flush if you've forgotten (or don't want to touch the flusher). According to the promo video, it looks like the app can also control an extending bidet feature that looks absolutely frightening.

The app lets you maintain a diary of toilet use and even play music through built-in speakers. I would suggest either a soothing mix of smooth jazz songs or the Nyan Cat song on loop.

Since so many people already confess to using their phones in the bathroom, it makes sense to hand off toilet controls to the gadget you're already using.

These fancy potties will likely be embraced by germaphobes looking to minimize their physical interaction with the porcelain throne. They also have obvious geek appeal and will give Android users bragging rights over their iPhone-wielding counterparts. "Oh yeah, but can your iPhone flush a toilet?"

The Satis toilets open up a wide world of potential pranks. Got a buddy in the bathroom? Trigger the bidet at an inopportune time. Have impressionable friends? Convince them you have a haunted toilet that flushes itself. Bathroom time will never be the same again.

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