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Turn your porcelain throne into the Iron Throne

Rule over the restroom like the royalty you are with an Iron Throne wall decal for your toilet.

Iron Throne wall decal
Watch out for the pointy bits. PeelAndStickDecals

The Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones" and your toilet already have a lot in common. Many people have sat on them. They are both extremely important within their respective worlds.

You may not have waged an epic war over your toilet, but you can make it look like you did with an Iron Throne wall decal from Etsy seller PeelAndStickDecals. This means the next time you're praying to the porcelain goddess, you can pretend to be kneeling in front of the Iron Throne.

You will have to start referring to your bathroom as "the throne room." A toilet seat forged from the captured weapons of your conquered enemies wouldn't be out of place with your new decor.

Fortunately, the $29.99 self-adhesive vinyl decal is waterproof. It is designed to attach to the wall right behind your potty, but it could attach onto almost any smooth surface. That means you could have an Iron Office Chair or an Iron Booster Seat. Your people will fear and respect you.

Iron Throne wall decal
The decal can go almost anywhere. PeelAndStickDecals

(Via GeekAlerts)