You could get paid to binge-watch every Fast & Furious movie

Yonkers Honda will give someone $100 per movie watched and reviewed ahead of the release of F9.

F9 releases May 22.
Universal Pictures

In dream-job news, Yonkers Honda has announced a competition where it'll pay the winner $900 to binge-watch the entire Fast & Furious franchise. To celebrate the release of F9 on May 22, the company will pay $100 per Fast Saga film watched and reviewed -- so that's the first eight movies, plus the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff. If you win, you'll have to fill out a worksheet per movie analyzing each film, and then submit a tweet-length review of the new one.

"You'll also be asked to chronicle your binge-watching journey on Facebook and Twitter," the Yonkers Honda page says. All movies and worksheets have to be completed by May 25.

As well as the $900 cash prize, the winner will get a box set of the first eight movies and a copy of Hobbs & Shaw; a prize pack filled with movie snacks and energy drinks; and a $50 gift card to see Fast & Furious 9 in theaters when it launches.

To apply, you need to be 18 and up and a US citizen or permanent resident, as well as have a "fun and engaging writing style," active Facebook and Twitter accounts, a love of cars and movies and "strong attention to detail."

All you have to do is fill out the application online by 12 p.m. PT on May 6, detailing why you'd be perfect for the job. The winner will be chosen by May 8.