Hobbs & Shaw postcredits scenes hint at Fast & Furious spinoff's future

The Rock reveals that the three extra scenes offer insights into the "future team."

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Hobbs and Shaw will return.

Daniel Smith

Hobbs & Shaw turned out to be a fun first spinoff of the Fast & Furious franchise, but it's a pretty long movie at 135 minutes. So you might not have stuck around when the credits started rolling -- only the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have conditioned us for that.

However, the new movie actually includes three extra scenes, and co-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hinted in a tweet that they give us an idea of who'll show up in a sequel.

"It'll give ya some insight into the 'future team,'" wrote Johnson, who plays Luke Hobbs.

Let's take a look at who the future team members might be. Be warned that spoilers are coming fast (and we don't want you to feel furious if you haven't seen the movie yet).

spoiler alert

Scene 1: Prison family reunion

Siblings Deckard Shaw and Hattie Shaw (Jason Statham and Vanessa Kirby) visit their mum Magdalene (Helen Mirren) in prison, and she's delighted to see them. They give her a birthday cake, which apparently contains something she can use to escape -- the oldest trick in the book. Magdalene asks if the pair will help her get out.

What it means

One of the movie's subplots focuses on how the Shaw family is shattered by Hattie cutting off contact with Deckard after the villainous Brixton Lore (Idris Elba) frames Deckard for slaughtering his old black ops team. Earlier in the movie, Magdalene expresses her hope that they'll reconcile and visit her together, with the suggestion that they bring her a birthday cake with a nail file hidden inside. 

Wish granted. Presumably Magdalene will join the team.


Shaw may find himself dragged back into the action.

Universal Pictures

Scene 2: Revenge by swatting

Shaw is hanging out in a London pub when gets a call from Hobbs, who informs Shaw that the cops are outside and that he's in for a full body cavity search. Shaw seems ready to escape or take on the cops. Hobbs makes the call from his personal gym, which certainly fits The Rock's persona.

What it means

Earlier in the movie, Shaw tries to abandon Hobbs in a British airport by getting him caught by authorities as they make their way to Russia, noting that a full body cavity search is in the cards. Hobbs manages to escape and get on the flight, where he swears vengeance.

This doesn't hint at any new team member, but suggests that Hobbs and Shaw will continue their juvenile antics in a sequel. Joy.

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Scene 3: Another virus

Hobbs gets a call from his CIA handler Locke (Ryan Reynolds), who's been in a fight and tells him there's another, deadlier virus out there. Locke thinks he's been shot but quickly realizes it's someone else's blood and lets Hobbs know that he stabbed a guy with brick -- a callback to a joke from earlier in the movie.

What it means

It's unlikely that they'll be dealing with another virus in a sequel because that'd be way too similar to the threat in this movie. This scene is probably implying that Locke will join the team in a sequel, so we'll have his motormouth Deadpool ways to look forward to.

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