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You can now buy Star Wars furniture, but it'll cost ya

The furniture is dark-side themed, and starts at $655.

These Star Wars TIE Fighter chairs are perfect for any Sith Lord's lounge.
Kenneth Cobonpue

Who says kids are the only ones who deserve Star Wars furniture? Thanks to designer Kenneth Cobonpue -- who launched his own high-end Star Wars furniture collection in 2018 -- adults can lounge in chairs in the shape of a TIE fighter or Darth Sidious.

The highly detailed Star Wars furniture is now available for the first time this year in the United States at select retailers. Cobonpue's elegant yet geeky furniture is a nod to the Dark Side of Star Wars.


This Star Wars TIE Fighter chair will makes sitting an adventure.

Kenneth Cobonpue

The Imperial TIE Fighter Wings Easy Armchair is modeled after the evil Empire's iconic TIE fighter vehicle. It retails for $2,700 (roughly £2,125, AU$3,899) and comes in either black or white.


This Darth Vader chair looks like his helmet, and swivels too.

Kenneth Cobonpue

The other two chairs pay homage to Darth Vader and his manipulative master Darth Sidious, also known as the evil Emperor Palpatine. The Vader Easy Armchair costs $4,320, while the Sidious Easy Armchair is a bit cheaper at $2,525 (roughly £1,987, AU$3,646).


This Sidious Easy Armchair seems to be glaring at whomever dares to sit in it.

Kenneth Cobonpue

To go along with the chairs are Imperial TIE fighter Wings end tables at $655 (approx. £515, AU$946) each.


This adorable Chewie Rocking Stool includes his signature bandolier.

Kenneth Cobonpue

But not all the furniture is meant for Sith Lord appreciation. There's a Chewie Rocking Stool, in honor of the Wookiee best friend to Han Solo, Chewbacca. The rocking stool is made from microfiber and leather and retails for $1,345 (approx. £1,058, AU$1,942).


This Star Wars Little Jedi Lamp looks like the ultimate lightsaber battle. 

Kenneth Cobonpue

There's also a lamp made from a crowd of tiny Jedi warriors all holding illuminated LED lightsabers to battle against a Sith lord all in red. Little Jedi Lamp retails between $1,800 (approx. £1,416, AU$2,599) and $2,800 (approx. £2,203, AU$4,042) depending on the size you choose.