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Y: The Last Man trailer kills every man in the world, but there's also a cute monkey

Premiering Sept. 13, the new FX series serves up a Walking Dead-style apocalypse, but at least the survivors won't have to queue for the bathroom any more.

The last man standing could be the key to the apocalypse in Y: The Last Man, a new FX series in which a plague leaves only women alive. The long-gestating series, based on a hit comic, premieres Sept. 13 and you can see the trailer here for what could be the next Walking Dead.

Y: The Last Man streams on FX on Hulu in the US from Sept. 13, and on Star on Disney Plus in the UK from Sept. 22. The series stars Diane Lane, Ashley Romans and Olivia Thirlby alongside Ben Schnetzer as Yorick, the only man to survive a mysterious illness that causes other fellas to drop dead (or more accurately, one cisgender man who lives when every mammal with a Y chromosome is killed). In case you think that sounds a bit heavy, he also has a pet monkey.

Speaking to press last week, executive producer Nina Jacobson said the series will "blow up the binary" of gender identity. The trailer also showcases some striking visuals, starting with a different twist on the eerie post-apocalyptic imagery seen in other world-cataclysmic dramas like The Walking Dead. We're talking motorbikes, fights, explosions… and yeah, a monkey.

Y: The Last Man began as an award-winning 2002 comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. A screen version has been in the works for more than a decade, with assorted creative teams developing various film and TV adaptations. Chernobyl star Barry Keoghan was set to play the lead before he was replaced by Schnetzer, while the showrunner bringing the series across the line is playwright Eliza Clark.