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Wonder Woman's super friend: I could use a magic lasso

Lucy Davis, the actress who plays Etta Candy, Steve Trevor's resourceful assistant in "Wonder Woman," highlights BFF moments in a short video from Warner Bros.

Diana Prince is the star of "Wonder Woman," but Steve Trevor's sassy secretary, Etta Candy, is also a charmer as she helps Diana navigate London society and fashion. 

In a clip posted Friday to promote the upcoming Blu-ray release of "Wonder Woman," Etta (Lucy Davis) reminisces about their unusual friendship as she flips through a photo album. 

It's fun to see how "Wonder Woman" could have almost turned into a gal pal comedy if it focused more on Etta and Diana's interactions. 

After all, it's not easy convincing a warrior princess why she should wear constraining and uncomfortable dresses during an amusing shopping spree.

Etta also reveals that she could do with lasso like the one Diana uses in the film. 

"I can think of several uses for a magical, glowing lasso," Etta says in the video. "I am single."

The clip is short and sweet and reminds us why Etta is so much fun to watch in "Wonder Woman." Fans who want to see more of Etta will be happy to know there is a special feature on the "Wonder Woman" release that includes new footage in an epilogue called "Etta's Mission."  

In the new scene, Etta gets Diana's gang back together for a secret mission delivering a "very old, very powerful" artifact to the Americans. It's hinted that it would be devastating if the artifact fell into the wrong hands.

"Wonder Woman" will be released for streaming Tuesday and on Blu-ray on Sept. 19.

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