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See Wonder Woman pop art recreated in chocolate

Over 15 pounds (7 kg) of white and dark chocolate make this tasty tribute.

Wonder Woman is the kind of comic book hero who deserves a homage that would impress even Queen Hippolyta herself. 

"How to Cook That" show host Ann Reardon decided to give both Wonder Woman and iconic pop artist Roy Lichtenstein a tasty tribute using 6.61 pounds (3 kg) of white chocolate and 8.82 pounds (4 kg) of dark chocolate.

Lichtenstein was best known for his pop art parodies of comic strips that were blown up to an extra large size, and painstakingly recreated with bold colors and Ben-Day dots

Reardon's latest edible creation reimagines Lichtenstein famous portrait of Wonder Woman using chocolate and food coloring.

Reardon's Chocolate Wonder Woman art recipe calls for both white and dark chocolate, oil-based food coloring (or colored cocoa butter) in red, blue, black, yellow and white, as well as acetate sheets, markers, bubble wrap, a large wooden board and temporary frame "to stop the chocolate dripping off when you pour it."

To make this Wonder Woman pop art out of chocolate, print out a large image of Lichtenstein's Wonder Woman portrait and place acetate over it to copy the design with markers. Then cut out the shapes from acetate then place it on the melted, colored white chocolate. Wait until it cools, then cut again. These will be the various chocolate pieces that can then be put them together on the large board like a giant puzzle. 

Reardon makes the whole process look easy in her video tutorial