What Brienne really wrote on Game of Thrones: 'Jaime hit it and quit it'

Brienne made sure history remembered Jaime's brave deeds. But fans have other ideas about what she put in the Book of Brothers.

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Ser Brienne of Tarth making sure Ser Jaime's story gets told. And maybe slipping in a few details about what a catch she is.

Helen Sloane/HBO

Warning: This post doth contain spoilers from the finale. 

In the final episode of Game of Thrones, Ser Brienne of Tarth dips a feather quill and ink and sits down to record Ser Jaime Lannister's legacy in the Book of Brothers. The volume she adds to already has the basics. Jaime was knighted and named to the Kingsguard at age 16. After killing King Aerys Targaryen, he became known as The Kingslayer. Yada yada.

But Brienne wants to make sure history doesn't forget her love's bravest moments. In a touching scene, she adds a number of facts to the Westeros version of Wikipedia: Jaime took Riverrun from the Tully rebels without loss of life; sacrificed his childhood home in service of a greater battle strategy; and lost a hand while trying to get the two of them released as prisoners.

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But is that all she wrote? Twitter, naturally, has some amusing ideas about what other notes Brienne might have jotted about the guy who loved her and left her.

"Total fuckboi," one user penciled in under a passage about his heroic deeds in battle. Wrote another: "Also note ... Ser Jaime hit it and quit it with Ser Brienne of Tarth."

Another viewer imagined Brienne as a sort of medieval Carrie Bradshaw, musing out loud in true Sex and the City style: "I couldn't help but wonder... by writing him even further into the historical record, was i accidentally writing *myself* OUT?"

Some of the write-ins had Brienne letting the world know what a catch she is: "And also Ser Jaime died while telling Cersei that he was in love with Brienne who was super hot the end."

Others suggested Brienne just had a few random thoughts she needed to get on paper. 

And some wished she'd just forgotten about Jaime altogether and written about her own formidable achievements. "Thought they were letting Brienne literally write her own story of becoming a knight, but nope," one wrote. "She glorifies ... Jaime."

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Originally published May 19.