This Optimus Prime Toy Can Transform Into a Nerf Blaster

The blaster joins other new toys arriving with the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts film.

Mike Sorrentino Senior Editor
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Mike Sorrentino
Transformers Nerf Optimus figure in blaster mode

The Transformers Optimus Prime Blaster transformers from blaster into robot.


We've all seen Optimus Prime transform into a truck, but Hasbro's new model of the Autobot leader can morph into a Nerf blaster.

The Transformers Optimus Prime Blaster standing in robot mode

The Transformers Optimus Prime Blaster in robot mode.


The blaster, built in collaboration with Nerf, is part of a new line of Hasbro tie-in toys for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. The latest movie in the Transformers franchise is coming to theaters on June 9. 

The Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 2-in-1 Optimus Prime Blaster converts the Autobot leader into a dart gun in 13 steps.

The blaster will cost $20 (roughly £15, AU$30), but it only comes with two Nerf darts in the box. It does have a targeting scope, though, so you can make those two shots count.

Transformers Bumblee and Optimus Primal in action figure form

The Transformers 2-in-1 Masks convert from action figures into a 9-inch mask.


Two of the new models convert from a robot action figure into a 9-inch, kid-size face mask. 

Transformers Bumblebee Mask

The Bumblebee action figure converts from robot to mask in 15 steps.


The Bumblebee mask transforms into the robot in 15 steps, while the Optimus Primal mask transforms in 12. The masks will cost $35.

Transformers Smash Changer

Transformers Optimus Prime Smash Changer in presmashed robot mode.


If you simply don't have time to twist and turn your action figure, there are two new Smash Changer figures in the range. The Optimus Primal and Optimus Prime Smash Changers respectively convert from gorilla and truck mode into robots in three steps when you smash them against a surface. These figures can then be manually transformed back. The Smash Changer figures will cost $35.

Transformers Smash Changer in vehicle mode

The Transformers Smash Changers figures convert to vehicle mode after a smash and three steps.


 All three categories of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts figures will be available to buy on April 10.