Torture a Game of Thrones star in real time in new rum-flavored game

GoT star Iwan Rheon -- better known as the despicable Ramsay Bolton -- is yours to command in an online experience from Kraken rum.

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Point the way for Game of Thrones villain Iwan Rheon (left) in a new game.


In Game of Thrones , Ramsay Bolton manipulated and tortured several much-loved characters. Now you can return the treatment -- in a new online game where you control Thrones star Iwan Rheon live and in real time.

Misfits and GoT star Iwan Rheon played the morally challenged Ramsay Bolton in HBO's hit fantasy series, and the actor's latest project is starring in Screamfest 4: The Kraken's Revenge. Instead of a digital character, UK and Ireland-based fans of drinking rum and controlling people can guide Rheon through dark and dank tunnels to escape the monstrous Balthazoid. Basically it's Knightmare soaked with Kraken rum.

Usually, Screamfest is an interactive experience in a pop-up bar launched by drinks brand Kraken spiced rum each Halloween. Previous years were marshalled by Neil Marshall, director of The Descent, Hellboy and some of the bloodiest battles in Game of Thrones. This year, COVID-19 means the action has gone online with a digital version guided by Rockstar Games alumni John Zurhellen.

To play, book a 10-minute slot at the Kraken website for £10, for which you'll also receive a pack to make a Kraken rum cocktail. The game takes place over three evenings from Wednesday Oct. 28 until Friday Oct. 30, with Rheon in play for two hours on the first night. Tickets are available to players in the UK and Ireland, but not the US.

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