Tiger King 2 release date: Netflix confirms when you'll see Joe Exotic again

The mayhem and madness continue in November.

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Tiger King is returning for a second season, Netflix revealed Thursday, continuing the outrageous tale of the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic. A teaser video shows brief clips of some other familiar faces, including Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin and former business partner Jeff Lowe. On Saturday, at its Tudum global fan event, Netflix shared a release date for Tiger King 2, Nov. 17, as well as all kinds of trailers and first looks for its other shows and movies.  

Tiger King 2 is opening the gates for a new batch of true-crime series on Netflix that'll explore intriguing and cautionary stories about "crimes, cons and scams," according to Netflix. Though Tiger King 2 will be available to stream this year, the other newly announced analog series will be streaming in 2022.

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Tiger King season 1 hit Netflix's catalog in March 2020, when many viewers were stuck at home amid COVID-19 lockdowns. It was a huge success, capturing internet meme culture for quite some time. The docuseries tells the story of Joseph Maldonado-Passage -- also known as Joe Exotic, the Tiger King -- through interviews and real-live footage of the zoo compound where Joe lived and worked. The series also explored the larger issue of wildlife trafficking in the US and examined other big names in the space, including Doc Antler, who faced charges of wildlife trafficking in December 2020.

The series ends with interviews from Joe -- through a prison telephone. Joe was convicted in 2019 on 21 counts: two for hiring hitmen to kill Baskin, a charge he continues to deny, and 19 counts of wildlife crimes. 

Netflix didn't detail what new tales the series will cover, but at least we now know when it's coming. 

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