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This Lego model is the only Leica camera most of us can afford

Classic camera collectors can now build their own Leica models using Lego kits.

This Leica M camera is made entirely of Lego pieces. 
Leica Store Miami

Leica M cameras are highly desired for their ability to take high-contrast, natural-looking shots without the need for artificial filters and enhancements. 

But they're pricy. 

Leica's M Monochrome camera retails for $7,450 (around £5,888, AU$10,507), not to mention the added expense of a $3,995 (around £3,157, AU$5,633) manual-focus 90 mm f/2.0 Summicron M lens. 

Now, however, camera lovers can get Leica M models for a lot less money by building their own using Lego pieces. Granted, these aren't actual working cameras, but they would make a great gift for a photography enthusiast.

The Lego models come in black/gray and brown/gray designs, retailing at approximately $45 (around £35, AU$63) per kit from Leica Store Miami. 

The kits come in pieces and do require assembly. Build instructions aren't included with the kits but are available free online

Once assembled, the Lego camera measures 3 inches long by 2  inches high by 1.25 inches deep (7.6 by 5 by 3.2 centimeters) and weighs 2 ounces (57 grams). And it'll definitely be ready for its close-up.

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