These Anime Shows Are Now Free to Watch on YouTube

This is a treasure trove of incredibly good (and free) anime.

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Mark Serrels

He's probably saying something about "his ninja way" right now.

Viz Media

Sometimes anime can be difficult to find. Particularly if you're trying to save money and avoid subscription bloat. Thankfully, Viz is doing everyone a solid. Starting from right now, it's making some of the most popular anime of our time available to watch for free on YouTube

Here's what's available so far...

  • Death Note: All of it, the entire show. 
  • Sailor Moon: All of it, the whole damn show.
  • Naruto: Season 1 to 8, which is actually way more than you need. That's 220 episodes to be precise. 
  • Hunter x Hunter: Seasons 1 to 3.
  • Inuyasha: All of it. 
  • Mr. Osomatsu: Seasons 1 to 2.

To be clear: This is a treasure trove of incredibly classic anime shows.

You can access all of them on the Viz Media YouTube channel. Its playlist section gives you direct access to all the shows in question.

Where should you start? I think Death Note personally. It's relatively short and a fun and accessible watch. I also adore Naruto, despite the fact some of the animation hasn't aged well. The original series is far more charming compared with Naruto Shippuden. Just make sure you bail out after the Sasuke retrieval storyline. No one needs to churn through all that filler.

Can you watch these shows on other services? Sure, but the convenience of having them available for free on YouTube, frankly, rules. I'm getting stuck in as we speak. Quick note: These shows are region locked for some, but are available for folks in the US.

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