The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf reveals Witcher history we've never seen before

Netflix's new animated Witcher series explores a time before Geralt.

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Vesemir the Witcher faces the Nightmare of the Wolf in Netflix's forthcoming animated series.


It's tough being a monster-hunting Witcher. "The only thing keeping men from hunting us," says a character in the new trailer for Netflix's animated show The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, "are the scarier beasts we keep away."

Streaming on Netflix from Aug. 23, Nightmare of the Wolf is an anime-ish prequel to the live-action TV series starring Henry Cavill as musclebound monster hunter Geralt of Rivia. Season 2 of the live-action Witcher rides into town on Dec. 17, and will introduce Danish actor Kim Bodnia (from Killing Eve, The Bridge and Pusher) as Geralt's mentor Vesemir. But first, Bodnia's voice is heard in Nightmare of the Wolf, which focuses on an animated version of Vesemir in his younger days.

Nightmare of the Wolf shows a part of Witcher history never seen in the games or Andrzej Sapkowski's original novels, delving into the time when Vesemir and his monster-bashing chums plied their trade from the School of the Wolf in the mighty stronghold of Kaer Morhen. 

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