The Tomorrow War trailer puts Chris Pratt in a time warp

The delayed sci-fi action film streams on Amazon Prime Video July 2.

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Richard Trenholm

Time is of the essence for Chris Pratt in the first full trailer for The Tomorrow War. Amazon's time travelling sci-fi action film sees the guardians of the Galaxy star once again battling aliens, this time with a time-travelling twist.

This new trailer is at least better than the horribly generic teaser released in May. Original scheduled for a theater release date last Christmas, the film was postponed until this summer due to the Covid pandemic. It will skip theaters and stream from July 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

Pratt is a teacher who steps through time to fight a mysterious future conflict, cleaning the clocks of alien creatures. 

More and more planned blockbusters are being released on streaming services alongside their big screen release, or even skipping theaters entirely. That's a reflection of the calendar rather than the quality of the films in question, although it's a shame sequels and franchise blockbusters seem to be edging out original movies like this. That said, there's more than a whiff of straight-to-video about Amazon's big budget streaming rescues like The Tomorrow War and thoroughly insipid Tom Clancy adaptation, Without Remorse, available now. Not a bad thing, of course -- hanging out on your sofa with a pizza and few brews could be a natural home for Chris Pratt zapping aliens.     

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