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The ridiculous fan service we want when 'Stranger Things' returns

Commentary: When "Stranger Things" season two hits Netflix, we want more government conspiracy, more demogorgon back story and more tacky 80s pop culture!

"Stranger Things" season two is nearly upon us, meaning pretty soon you're entire social media feed is going to be filled with demogorgon fan theories and friends saying that actually, they were really into D&D before it was cool, you don't even know.

The first season was a massive hit for Netflix that seemingly came out of nowhere. A love letter to 80s pop culture, it gave viewers the kind of TV show that we really haven't seen on a major network in some time. But "Stranger Things" season two has a lot to live up to, and Netflix will have a lot of fans to please (especially seeing as it just put prices up ahead of the Oct. 27 premiere). 

We already have our serious predictions for this season of "Stranger Things." But what fan service do we really want to see?

Time for some giddy, wild speculation!


Looks like an evil storm is headed straight for Hawkins, in the new art from "Stranger Things 2."


Deep MK Ultra conspiracies

We got a few hints of crazy government plots in the first season, but here's hoping Netflix goes bigger this year. What crazy mind-control drugs are going into the Hawkins water supply? Who's been hypnotised by the flying saucer people? Let's find out!

Speaking of government conspiracies…

Weaponised demogorgans

This is a town with a secret lab on top of a portal to giant walking mouth-creatures. How long until Reagan is putting in a call for a cadre of demogorgon super soldiers to scare off the Soviets?

Arcade WarGames

The kids head down to the arcade to play Dragon's Lair, only to find they're actually operating the US military's War Operation Plan Response supercomputer.

Barb 2.0

When Netflix killed off Barb, it made what was possibly the biggest mistake in TV besides Fonzie's shark-jumping exploits. But in episode three, the fan favourite is back (or is she?) in the form of a delightful exchange student that Nancy swears she recognises.

More '80s crossovers

Speaking of exchange students, we really need a crossover episode. Can someone track down Erkel?


The anticipation is killing us!


A 'Heathers' reunion!

"Stranger Things" is letting its number one '80s asset go to waste. Why haven't we seen Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) go to her high school reunion with the other Heathers? Even better, she could go to the Upside Down reunite with Beetlejuice.

A killer final episode

Nancy's boyfriend Steve is scheduled to play in the battle of the bands against her brother, Mike, at the local bowling alley. Who will Nancy cheer on? And why is her little brother Will still upchucking slugs into his glass of New Coke?

And if our predictions don't come true? Stay tuned for season three of "Stranger Things" in 2019!

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