The Matrix Resurrections trailer leans into deja vu

"It happens when they change something."

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Sean Keane
Neo on street in Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrections)

There's been a glitch in the Matrix.

Warner Bros

The Matrix Resurrections got a trippy short trailer on Wednesday, juxtaposing imagery from the first three movies with shots from the upcoming fourth movie. It's apparently part of an intricate viral marketing campaign on Twitter, and highlights the similarities between the events.

"Deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix," Trinity says over the shifting imagery. "It happens when they change something."

You might remember her saying that in the original 1999 movie, after Neo spotted a black cat repeating the same movement. The sentient agent programs hunting people who'd escaped the machines' captivity had altered the computer-generated world to trap Neo, Trinity and company. 

It's unclear what "change" led to the events of the upcoming sequel, but we'll find out when it hits theaters and HBO Max on Dec. 22. Tickets go on sale next Monday at 9 a.m. PT.

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