The Crown season 4 trailer introduces Gillian Anderson and Princess Diana

Netflix's royal drama surely will be crowned with lots of acting awards.

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Emma Corrin is the young Princess Diana in the fourth season of The Crown on Netflix.

Des Willie

"Two women running the shop? That's the last thing this country needs." The trailer for The Crown season 4 introduces Gillian Anderson playing Britain's divisive leader Margaret Thatcher, facing the queen for the first time as  Netflix's  royal drama moves into the 1980s. Meanwhile the young Princess Diana is about to step into the spotlight...

Watch the new trailer for The Crown season 4 here. 

Anderson takes on the distinctive tones of the first British woman prime minister, who ran the country from 1979 to 1991 through turbulent times including the Falklands War. The X-Files and Sex Education star will surely be in line for some awards for her performance.

She'll probably face competition, however, as there's another weighty role in the new season. Yes, Olivia Colman is back as the queen, but we also meet young Diana Spencer as she prepares to marry troubled Prince Charles.


Gillian Anderson as Britain's polarizing Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher.

Des Willie

The woman who would soon become Princess Diana is thrust into the spotlight, and it's a good bet the same will happen to the actor who plays her come awards season. Relative newcomer Emma Corrin, previously seen in Batman spin-off Pennyworth, fills the role of the young princess.

The Crown season 4 premieres Nov. 15 on Netflix.

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