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Ted Lasso season 2 gets goofy, is coming to Apple TV Plus in July

In season 2, Jason Sudeikis isn't giving up on his Richmond team, even after eight straight ties.

Coach Ted Lasso isn't giving up on his team, and Tuesday's Apple Spring Loaded virtual event brought a new trailer for the show. Jason Sudeikis plays an American football coach who bumbles his way into coaching an English Premier League soccer team, AFC Richmond, despite his total lack of experience in the sport. His quirky fish-out-of-water charm is on full display in the new trailer.

It's not looking good for Ted's team, which has a streak of eight straight ties. But Lasso isn't panicking, telling a press conference, "There's two buttons I never like hitting, panic and snooze."

The team also has a new member. Richmond brings in a sports psychologist (played by Sarah Niles), and unlike team owner Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), she can't be wooed with shortbread -- she doesn't even eat sugar. 

And for the American NFL fans who love the show, there's even a New York Jets dig.

The trailer ended and Apple went on with its other presentations, but there was one Ted-related Easter egg to come. At the very end of the event, as the credits rolled, Apple acted as if it was going to share Ted Lasso's shortbread recipe. But all viewers saw was "Ted Lasso's Secret Shortbread (Makes about one box)" plus an image of a shortbread box. Very funny, Apple. 

If you're really eager to replicate Ted's treat, there are plenty of recipe sites that make an attempt. Or maybe don't -- actress Hannah Waddingham, who has to drool over the treats on the show, says they're actually nasty -- or at least the ones used as props and left to dry out.

The show debuted in August 2020, and critics praised it as a fresh bit of comfort TV in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Sudeikis won a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award for playing Lasso, and the series won two Writers Guild Awards. It's already been renewed for a third season.

Ted Lasso returns to Apple TV Plus on July 23.