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Taylor Swift Album 'Midnights' Sweeps All 10 Top Spots on Billboard Hot 100

Swift has broken yet another record.

Taylor Swift Midnights Anti-Hero
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's latest album, Midnights, has broken another record just 10 days after its release, Billboard announced Monday. All 10 top spots on the Billboard Hot 100 are songs from Swift's new album, making her the first artist in history to complete this feat.

Swift tweeted she was "in shambles" about the news.

Drake previously held the record for most top spots, scooping nine of them for a week in September 2021 when he released his album Certified Lover Boy. Until now, The Beatles and Drake also tied with the record of holding the top five spots for a week in 1964 and 2021, respectively.

In total, Swift has now had 40 top 10 songs on Billboard, beating out Madonna's record of 38 and coming second to Drake at 59.

Billboard's top 100 songs are pulled using data from streaming providers, radio airplay and sales.

Here's the current Billboard top 10:

  1. Anti-Hero:  59.7 million streams / 32 million radio airplays / 13,500 copies sold
  2. Lavender Haze: 41.4 million / 2.4 million / 2,800
  3. Maroon: 37.6 million / 471,000 / 2,900
  4. Snow on the Beach feat. Lana Del Rey: 37.2 million / 615,000 / 2,600
  5. Midnight Rain: 36.9 million / 449,000 / 2,200
  6. Bejeweled: 35.5 million / 1.6 million / 16,100
  7. Question…?: 31 million / 425,000 / 21,400
  8. You're on Your Own, Kid: 34.1 million / 498,000 / 1,500
  9. Karma: 33 million / 1.9 million / 3,400
  10. Vigilante Shit: 32.2 million / 424,000 / 6,400

Over on Spotify, Swift's album Midnights also broke the record for most-streamed album in a single day, while on Apple Music it was the biggest pop album of all time by first-day streams.

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