Super Nintendo World Direct: Start time, how to watch, what to expect

Nintendo is planning to show off 15 minutes of Super Nintendo World footage.

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It looks... amazing?


You thought Nintendo was done for the year? Surprise! Today it announced a brand new Nintendo Direct, to reveal 15 minutes of new footage for Super Nintendo World, the brand new theme park opening its doors on February 4, 2021

Super Nintendo World will be its own unique section, as part of Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka.

What do we know about the park so far? All is detailed in the above video but Super Nintendo World will be connected to these unique smart watch devices that work, not only like fitness trackers, but are connected to locations around the park, allowing you to take part in challenges -- almost like a game within a game inside the park. 

What to expect


Super Nintendo World features two major rides. One is Mario Kart themed, called Koopa's Challenge, and is an augmented reality enhanced roller coaster that uses Mario themed headset featuring lenses that allow users to see wild augmented reality visuals. The second ride is called Yoshi's Adventure, which appears to be skewed towards younger park goers. 

We expect the 15 minutes of footage to focus on those two rides, but we could learn more about the space itself: What it looks like, what the stores and restaurants will feature and more. 

Start Time

The Super Nintendo World Direct takes place at...


3 p.m. PT on Dec. 18

6 p.m. ET on Dec. 18


11 p.m. GMT on Dec. 18


10 a.m. AEDT on Dec 19

Where do I watch?

You can watch this thing in a million different places. 

I recommend heading to Nintendo's YouTube page, or its Twitch page. You can also watch Nintendo Direct on Nintendo's official site. We'll embed the video here closer to the time.