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Super Nintendo World theme park to open Feb. 4

Coronavirus be damned, Osaka's Super Nintendo World is happening.

Osaka, Japan's Super Nintendo World was meant to open this year, alongside the Tokyo Olympics. Neither happened, thanks to the novel coronavirus. But despite the pandemic, which in the past month has reached all-time highs in countries like the US, France and Italy, Super Nintendo World will open its doors to the public on Feb. 4, 2021.

Japan is currently seeing more daily COVID-19 cases than ever too, but it's a low peak. On Nov. 29, the country recorded 2,585 cases, the most positive tests to be recorded in a day. Of 148,000 cases, the country has seen 2,057 deaths thus far.


Super Nintendo World will feature several crazy rides, including an awesome-looking Mario Kart rollercoaster. It takes place inside Bowser's Castle, and riders will don AR goggles that make the railed ride look more like an actual Mario Kart game. You'll get power-ups, items, race other riders and so on.

In fact, the whole park is a giant game. You don a smart "Power Up Band" and collect coins around the site. Each ride will revolve around a different character, and there's a Mario and Luigi Cafe that's already open

More good news: You won't have to go to Japan to experience Super Nintendo World. The gaming giant is planning on opening one up in Orlando's Universal park -- but not until 2023.