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Experience Super Mario Bros. soundtrack in real time on violin

A fan impressively performs the music on his violin while the popular video game is played.

The music for the Nintendo video game Super Mario Bros. is jaunty and delightful, even if you happen to be losing. So it's no wonder fans love to pay tribute to the theme song in their own way.

In a video posted Monday, budding YouTuber Sebastiaan Kulwanowski shows off his violin skills by performing the music and sound effects to the Super Mario Bros. video game as it's being played. 

Any sound effects that Kulwanowski doesn't play on the strings, he makes with his bare hands. 

It's an impressive tribute to the popular video game. 

"All the sounds in this video are violin produced," Kulwanowski posted on his YouTube page. "I only used an iPhone to record the clips, as simple as that."

This isn't the first time a fan has given the theme a classical music spin while a game of Super Mario Bros. plays at the same time.

However, Kulwanowski has taken the additional step of breaking down the music and sound effects on multiple screens.