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These Super Mario-themed Jordans are your new clickable kicks

Real buttons on the back, an NES cartridge swing tag and classic Super Mario Bros. colouring -- perfect for jumping on top of your enemies.

FreakerSneaks wants you to channel your inner gamer with the Jordan NES IV sneakers. 

You might not be able to throw fireballs or break bricks with your head, but now you can channel pure, unadultered '80s awesomeness to your feet with these completely kickass Super Mario Bros.-themed Air Jordans.

Made by custom sneaker outfit FreakerSneaks, the Jordan NES IV sneakers have that classic hightop style that gave you serious air on the basketball court back in the '80s, complete with an awesome retro Nintendo vibe.

That means Super Mario Bros. game art on the tongue, a clickable D-pad and buttons on the rear of the shoe, and even "Select Start" printed on the laces above the vamp (yeah, we know shoe anatomy here at CNET). Best of all, the swingtag is shaped like a mini NES cartridge.

They're not the first nerd-cred shoes we've seen from FreakerSneaks (it released a PlayStation-themed set complete with HDMI ports), but there's no doubt these shoes would have made you literally the coolest person in 1985. That said, you'll still need to be pretty damn cool to get these Super Mario Bros. shoes now too -- SneakerFreaks is only making 10 custom pairs.

Let's-a go!