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Stranger Things haunted mazes turn Halloween Upside Down

Creep yourself out, Hawkins-style, at three Universal theme parks.

Get a little bit of Christmas mixed in with your Halloween with Joyce Byers' famous holiday-light communication device.
Ken Kinzie

Stranger Things loves Halloween. Last season, the boys on the Netflix hit dressed up like Ghostbusters for a full holiday-themed episode. The show itself won't be returning until 2019, but it will still be marking the spooky holiday this year. Three different Universal theme parks will be unveiling Stranger Things-themed mazes as part of the parks' Halloween Horror Nights events.


The creepy goings-on at Hawkins Lab make it a prime theme for part of the maze.

Ken Kinzie

Different mazes will be set up at Universal Studios Hollywood in California, Universal Orlando Resort in Florida and Universal Studios Singapore. They'll include familiar eerie scenes from the show, including the Byers' flashing Christmas-light wall, Hawkins National Laboratory in the Upside Down, the hallway at Hawkins Middle School and more.

Halloween Horror Nights begins Sept. 14 in Hollywood and Orlando, and Sept. 27 in Singapore.   


Will Byers' bedroom looks terrifying.

Ken Kinzie