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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker script on eBay belonged to John Boyega

Finn fessed up on Good Morning America on Wednesday, and later joked about it on Twitter.

John Boyega probably needed a hug after realizing he'd lost his Rise of Skywalker script.
JJ Abrams/Lucasfilm

Two days after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker director JJ Abrams revealed that one of his actors' scripts ended up on eBay, the culprit has stepped up: John Boyega admitted it was his copy during a Wednesday Good Morning America interview. He said it was a scary moment, but seems to be able to joke about it now.

Turns out Boyega left the script under his bed while he was moving apartments.

"Y'know what, I will leave it under my bed and when I wake up the next morning, I will take it and then move. But then my boys came over and we started partying a little bit," he told Michael Strahan. "And the script, it just stayed there. And a few weeks after, this cleaner comes in, finds this script and puts it on eBay for like £65 pounds (around $84). The person didn't know the true value." 

In a subsequent interview, Boyega told Jimmy Fallon that he didn't think whoever tried to sell the script had even read it or the price would have been higher.

Abrams noted someone from Disney spotted it there, and managed to stop the sale. Boyega said it was a scary situation, and he got calls from "every official" at the company. 

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"Even Mickey Mouse called me, 'What did you do?!'" he said, mimicking the cartoon mouse's high-pitched voice.

On Wednesday, the actor joked about the call with his Twitter followers.

"Lmaoo next time he calls my phone imma send a whole bunch of cats to his house," he said. Clearly he doesn't know that Mickey's house is fortified against cat attacks.

Previously, he promised that the Finn will be more than just a "comedic goofy dude who never gets stuff done" in The Rise of Skywalker, suggesting he'll play a bigger part than he did in The Last Jedi.

We can see what Star Wars spoilers Disney is keeping under wraps when The Rise of Skywalker opens Dec. 20 worldwide, with previews Dec. 19. 

Neither Disney nor eBay responded to requests for further comment.

First published Nov. 27 at 8:35 a.m. PT.
Updated Nov. 28 at 3.52 a.m PT: Adds Boyega's comment to Fallon and Twitter joke.