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Star Wars: The Clone Wars gets awesome trio of Vintage Collection Arc Troopers figures

Exclusive: Hasbro is bringing 501st Legion Arc Troopers Echo, Fives and Jesse together in a three-pack.

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Sean Keane
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Arc Trooper buds Fives, Echo and Jesse are together again in Hasbro's Vintage Collection three-pack.


Star Wars : The Clone Wars came to its spectacular conclusion on Disney Plus back in May, but Hasbro wants to memorialize some of its heroes on your shelf, CNET can exclusively reveal. The gorgeous Vintage Collection 501st Legion Arc Troopers three-pack includes Echo, Fives and Jesse, clones who appeared in the beloved CGI animated series' most beloved episodes.

These 3.75 inch figures come with removable helmets and four blasters each, so they're absolutely set to take on some clankers (or at least look awesome in your collection). The three-pack will be available on Hasbro Pulse in September, and will set you back $50.

Hasbro has done an excellent job of sculpting and painting each of the trio's armor and hair styling (or tattoo in Jesse's case), ensuring they'll still pop if you display them among a bunch of other figures.

These guys show up regularly in The Clone Wars' seven seasons -- the 501st Legion was under Anakin Skywalker's command -- with Fives and Jesse both suffering dark fates. However, we'll see Echo's post-Clone Wars adventures next year -- he gets some cyborg enhancements and ends up joining the Bad Batch, a squad of genetically enhanced clones that'll appear in a new Disney Plus show.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 501st Legion Arc Troopers join Vintage Collection

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If you want to check out some of these lads' greatest moments in The Clone Wars, check out the Citadel trilogy (season 3, episodes 18 to 20), the Umbara arc (season 4, episodes 7 to 10), the Orders storyline (season 6, episodes 1 to 4) the Bad Batch's adventure (season 7, episodes 1 to 4) and glorious, series-ending Siege of Mandalore (season 7, episodes 9 to 12).

All seven seasons of the show are available on Disney Plus.

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