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Star Wars shares hope in inspiring May the 4th video message

Obi-Wan Kenobi isn't our only hope in these troubling times.

Ghostly Luke Skywalker brings you a message of hope for May the 4th, 2020.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Life on our planet has changed drastically since the last May the 4th Star Wars day. In a world of uncertainty plagued by a pandemic, Star Wars is here to deliver a key message: Have hope.

May 4 is typically a day for enjoying Star Wars merchandise, baking Yoda cookies and watching favorites movies and shows. In 2020, there's a global undercurrent of stress and loss due to the coronavirus.

The official May the 4th Star Wars video released today is a montage of inspiring moments from across the franchise, from the original trilogy to the prequels to the animated Clone Wars, all the way up to the latest movies and The Mandalorion TV show. 

The video covers a lot of ground in just a minute and half, but every clip is about communicating our interconnectedness as people (and aliens). 

There's no mention of the coronavirus or the pandemic in the video, but the intention is clear. Star Wars has a lot to teach us earthlings, but right now we need to hear about the power of supporting each other, and how hope can be a beacon through the dark. This is the way.

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