Star Wars Resistance episode 5: Trip to The High Tower reveals danger and intrigue

Kaz gets closer to the First Order in the best episode so far.

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Hype Fazon is Kaz's ticket into Doza Tower, and could prove a valuable ally.


The fifth episode of CGI animated series Star Wars Resistance is the first with real swagger.

We're introduced to cocky Ace pilot Hype Fazon (a flamboyant Donald Faison), treated to a pair of excellent chase sequences as Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono (AKA Kaz, played by Christopher Sean) has a near-fatal encounter with the First Order.


Kaz is getting better at spying

Kaz has been impatient to get into his mission to figure out what the First Order wants with the Outer Rim refuelling platform known as the Colossus and hasn't done a great job of it so far, but proves resourceful in this episode.

He cleverly listens in on the meeting between Captain Doza (Jason Hightower) and the First Order's Major Vonreg (Lex Lang) -- whom we met in the premiere -- using a comm link hidden on a butler droid's platter.

We find out that the First Order is offering a shipment of fuel and protection from pirate attacks (which it's been orchestrating) in exchange for Doza's loyalty. He can't report the efforts to coerce him because of his past dealings with the criminal underground, so he's trapped.


Check out the leftmost helmet.

Lucasfilm/Screenshot by CNET

Resources are tight on the Colossus

Doza periodically deactivates the power to save fuel on the platform -- except for the tower , where he and the other elites live. It seems unlikely that this is the real reason, but expect this to come into play again.

No work can be done during these outages, so our heroes must chill out in Aunt Z's Tavern -- where there's a helmet that looks a lot like the one worn by the Mandalorian warrior Fenn Rau (from Star Wars Rebels) sitting on a shelf. This is probably just an Easter egg, but a cool one nonetheless.


First Order Stormtroopers try to chase Kaz down.

Lucasfilm/Screenshot by CNET

Life's pretty sweet in Doza Tower, but it has a dark side

The tower looks a lot like Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back and droids act as butlers for its residents. However, the First Order has apparently been visiting often, hinting at the amount of pressure they've been putting on Doza.

Presumably, Captain Phasma wants to take control of the Colossus, so the First Order has a stranglehold on the Outer Rim's fuel supply.

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Kaz has some potential allies

Hype seems wildly overconfident and very different to Rodians we've met in the past (like the slimy, ill-fated Greedo in A New Hope). Kaz's fellow mechanic Tam Ryvora (Suzie McGrath) used to be his friend, but he abandoned her after becoming an Ace and moving into the tower.

It looks like he has a deal with Doza that means he'll be ready to fight if the First Order attacks the platform, which suggests that the captain isn't really in the villainous group's pocket. Doza also spotted Kaz's escape from the tower on a security camera, so he'll be looking for the young spy.

Doza's daughter Torra (Myrna Velasco) also covers for Kaz when the First Order chases him, hinting that he earned her respect after racing against her in the premiere.


The power goes out on the Colossus.


Who hasn't wanted to hug BB-8 ?

Once again, BB-8 saves Kaz. This time it's from a pair of Stormtroopers who've chased him from the tower and switched their blasters from stun blasts to fatal ones -- the little droid unlocks a door to let Kaz escape and earns a hug.

Unfortunately for Kaz, we know that BB-8 will return to Poe Dameron at some point prior to the events of The Force Awakens -- he's with his master in Marvel's Poe Dameron comic series, which takes place before that movie.

Star Wars Resistance airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel, DisneyNOW and Disney Channel VOD.

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