Star Wars Resistance episode 15: The First Order Occupation begins

The militant regime is hunting for spies, and we see what life is like when it has power.

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The First Order Stormtroopers are pushing people around because they're jerks.


Better not step out of line.

The 15th episode of CGI animated series Star Wars Resistance reveals how the sinister First Order has inserted itself on the Colossus refueling platform, and it's pretty gripping stuff.

After cleverly leaving platform boss Captain Doza (Jason Hightower) in its debt by staging the kidnapping of his daughter, the militant group has taken a step toward its goal of taking over the Colossus -- a vital stop for those traveling to the galaxy's Outer Rim.

We're not talking a full takeover yet, but it's managed to lock down the platform and prevent any unauthorized travel to or from it. This is a big problem for a pirate sleeper agent Synara San (Nazneen Contractor) as she tries to return to her allies.

The First Order is also hunting anyone engaged in espionage, putting Synara and Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono (AKA Kaz, played by Christopher Sean) in serious danger.


Life under the First Order is tough

There aren't many Stormtroopers patrolling the platform just yet, but they're making their presence known with some standard oppressive regime moves -- curfews, spot-checks and demands to see citizens' ID.

When one Rodian fails to immediately produce his, they prepare to arrest him until Kaz interrupts and inadvertently brings their attention onto him. We know Kaz is a little bumbling, but you'd think he'd be smarter than this by now.

However, not everyone sees the First Order presence as a bad thing. Tam Ryvora (Suzie McGrath), Kaz's fellow mechanic, says the Stormtroopers are just doing their jobs. This highlights the insidious nature of a police state.


Kaz risks a great deal to help pirate spy Synara San escape the platform, leaving her in his debt.


Kaz is getting impatient

Jarek Yeager (Scott Lawrence) -- Kaz's boss and the only one who knows he's spying for the Resistance -- tells him to keep a low profile when Stormtroopers come sniffing around and announce that they're hunting for Synara.

Of course, he's determined to help Synara and risks his cover to help her escape the platform.

"You might be a pirate, but I know you're a good person," he tells her.

It probably helps that Kaz has a very obvious crush on Synara, but it doesn't seem like the feeling is mutual.

Unfortunately, his initial plan to sneak her onto a cargo shuttle bound for Takodana (the planet where Maz Kanada has her castle in The Force Awakens) doesn't work out -- it would've been cool to see the lush, green world in the show.

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Nekku is surprisingly useful

After Synara sacrifices her escape route to save Kaz from getting arrested by the First Order, the endearingly naive Neeku Vozo's (Josh Brener) knowledge of the platform's nooks and crannies proves vital in securing an alternative exit.

He also provides a pretty spectacular distraction when the Stormtroopers give chase, with a little help from BB-8.


Synara isn't being treated terribly well by her pirate boss, Kragan Gorr, which may push her away from that group.


Synara's back with the pirates

Using an underwater escape pod to get off the platform, Synara returns to pirate boss Kragan Gorr (Gary Anthony Williams). She may be "home," but her experience with the people of the Colossus has clearly changed her, and she's figured out that Kaz is a spy as well (though she probably doesn't know who he's working for).

Synara's character development and wild-card status is one of the show's best elements -- there's a real sense that she could do anything. It seems likely that she'll side with Kaz and friends over the ruthless, dismissive Kragan, but who knows?

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This episode features a number of nice, subtle touches -- Synara passes a giant rokkna as she escapes through the ocean in a moment that's reminiscent of the underwater beasts seen in The Phantom Menace.

There's a excellent running joke about Kaz getting hit in the head and a very small subplot about Opeepit (the Frigosian janitor with a sponge-like head) having his floor cleaning machine seized by the Stormtroopers.

Star Wars Resistance airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel, DisneyNOW and Disney Channel VOD.

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