Star Trek: Discovery's Comic-Con 2018 trailer: Watch it here

We get a closer look at the Discovery's auspicious meeting with the USS Enterprise.

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Star Trek: Discovery hopes to get a little classic Trek love with the introduction of the original USS Enterprise. 

The show teased the Enterprise and Captain Christopher Pike at the end of the first season, and we're finally getting a better look at the auspicious first meeting between the two Federation starships.  

Watch the trailer here:

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The first season of Discovery offered a more epic, continuing storyline and notable characters willing to embrace moral ambiguity, but ultimately embraced the key themes of that made Star Trek great. It also left us with a lot of burning questions that season 2 will hopefully answer. 

Discovery will air its second season in 2019. It's set to once again stream on CBS All Access in the US and Netflix elsewhere. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company).

A series of short Star Trek films called Short Treks will delve deeper into the backstories of Discovery characters starting this fall. 

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