Star Trek: Discovery unveils more Short Treks at Comic-Con, first look at Lower Decks series

At Comic-Con on Saturday, the CBS show announced who would be joining the cast 1000 years in the future.

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During the first ever Star Trek universe block in Hall H at San Diego  Comic-Con , Discovery added some new cast members for season three on CBS All Access in the US. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

After ending season two of Disco earlier this year on a cliffhanger which leaves our crew (spoilers!) thrown forward in time, some possible hints for where season three will go have now arrived in new casting announcements.

David Ajala, from Supergirl and Syfy's Nightflyers, joins the cast as Book. "We didn't make it to Terralysium," spoils Sonequa Martin-Green. But we are exploring and holding those we loved in our hearts as we move forward, she said.

Executive producer Kurtzman also announced the continuation of Short Treks and unveiled a trailer for them. Some will include Spock, Number One and the Enterprise. Two will be animated, one of which will scored by Michael Giacchino. The final one will be a Picard teaser. 

"It will give you a sense of some background that happened to Jean-Luc 15 years before we enter the Picard series," Kurtzman says.

Kurtzman unveiled our first look at Star Trek: Lower Decks from writer Mike McMahan (writer on Rick and Morty). The show is focused on four ensigns living in the... lower decks. "So it's like the Downton Abbey of Star Trek," said moderator Jerry O'Connell.

This animated series is for "anybody who loves Star Trek and wants to explore more of it," McMahan said. It's for first-time viewers and deep-cut fans. "It's in a shared universe, so there's inside jokes that you will get."

Lower Decks arrives next year on CBS All Access. 

Earlier Saturday, in an interview with Deadline, Kurtzman talked about how removing Discovery from the prequel timeline has remained in canon and provides new opportunities for exploration.

"One of the things that I saw quite a bit online was how much people were recognizing our connection to canon. I saw how some people were unsure of it at the beginning, and then they came to really love it as we introduced Pike and Spock, and, by the end of Season 2, felt that we had really done it justice. And that was incredibly gratifying."

Discovery's first seasons starred Martin-Green, Doug JonesMary WisemanMary ChieffoAnthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz and Shazad Latif. Seasons one and two are now available to stream on All Access in the US and on Netflix around the globe. 

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