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Star Trek: Discovery casts Anson Mount as a key captain

The latest Star Trek series reveals a major casting decision for season 2: the iconic Pike, the captain who came before Kirk.

Hello, Captain Pike. Welcome to the world of Discovery.
Moon Gang and Uni So.

Warning: Contains spoilers for season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery wrapped up its first streaming season on CBS All Access with a massive sci-fi bombshell: the introduction of the classic-Trek USS Enterprise as commanded by Captain Christopher Pike. 

Old-school Trekkies will be plenty familiar with the captain who came before Kirk. CBS said Monday that Anson Mount will take on the role for season 2 of Discovery. You may recognize Mount for his roles in the historical railroad drama Hell on Wheels and as Marvel's Black Bolt on Inhumans. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

Discovery takes place prior to the original Star Trek series, so it's not surprising the ship would eventually run into the franchise's most famous spacecraft. Thanks to the original series, we already know Pike's ultimate fate, which was explored in the two-parter episode The Menagerie.

Mount will have a chance to fill out the character and add some backstory to a key part of Star Trek lore. It'll be interesting to see where Discovery goes with Pike in season 2. 

Star Trek: Discovery is expected to return to CBS All Access in 2019.