Squid Game or Bridgerton? Find the most popular Netflix show in your state

Apparently the most popular show of 2021 flew under the radar.

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Bridgerton was a big hit for Netflix in early 2021.
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Bridgerton was a big hit for Netflix in early 2021.

Bridgerton was a big hit for Netflix in early 2021.


Which Netflix show was most popular in your state this year -- and what does it say about the people around you? Apparently the West Coast was obsessed with blood-spattered anti-capitalist epic Squid Game, while the East Coast favored the more genteel regency drama Bridgerton.

But the most popular show across the US is (drum roll): Manifest. Wait, what? 

The fine folks at broadband comparison site HighSpeedInternet.com worked out Netflix's most popular shows by analyzing which titles were trending on TVGuide.com and FlixPatrol. Then they looked at Google Trends for those shows between January 1 and October 20 to figure out which states were watching. How accurate is this? Who knows! It's just a bit of fun. 

This data found supernatural drama Manifest was widely searched after it was cancelled by NBC, only to become enough of a hit on Netflix that the streaming service is bringing it back for a fourth season. The show follows the passengers of a plane that vanished for five years. The show has a 55 rating on Metacritic

Meanwhile one state is still hung up on a show that was last seen two years ago. Utah is the only state where Stranger Things tops the list. Like, are you guys only just getting season 3? How slow is the internet in Salt Lake City anyways? Or maybe Utahns are pumped for season 4 next year. I know I am!

Anyway, here's the list by state:

Alabama Manifest
Alaska Squid Game
Arizona Squid Game
Arkansas Manifest
California Squid Game
Colorado Bridgerton
Connecticut Manifest
Delaware Manifest
District of Columbia Bridgerton
Florida Manifest
Georgia Manifest
Hawaii Squid Game
Idaho Manifest
Illinois Squid Game
Indiana Manifest
Iowa Manifest
Kansas Bridgerton
Kentucky Manifest
Louisiana Manifest
Maine Manifest
Maryland Manifest
Massachusetts Bridgerton
Michigan Manifest
Minnesota Bridgerton
Mississippi Manifest
Missouri Bridgerton
Montana Bridgerton
Nebraska Bridgerton
Nevada Squid Game
New Hampshire Bridgerton
New Jersey Manifest
New Mexico Squid Game
New York Squid Game
North Carolina Manifest
North Dakota Bridgerton
Ohio Bridgerton
Oklahoma Manifest
Oregon Squid Game
Pennsylvania Bridgerton
Rhode Island Manifest
South Carolina Manifest
South Dakota Manifest
Tennessee Manifest
Texas Squid Game
Utah Stranger Things
Vermont Bridgerton
Virginia Bridgerton
Washington Squid Game
West Virginia Manifest
Wisconsin Bridgerton
Wyoming Squid Game

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