Spider-Man spin-off Morbius adds Doctor Who's Matt Smith

Just what the doctor ordered.

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Doctor Who alumni Matt Smith is in "final talks" to join the next Spider-Man spin-off Morbius, Variety reports.

Morbius is based on the Spidey villain of the same name and tells the story of a Ph.D. scientist who becomes a brooding antihero-type figure after an experiment to cure him of a rare blood disease goes awry. The film is set to feature Jared Leto in the lead role as the "living vampire" himself. Life director Daniel Espinosa will direct.

There's no word yet on where Smith might fit in to Morbius, or the direction the film will take with its lead, but giving one of Spider-Man's rogues his own starring role, there's a strong chance it will resemble supervillain caper Venom, which was released last year to lukewarm reviews. I think Smith would make a decent Reverend Daemond.

If you're not familiar with Smith as the eleventh doctor in the cult British series Doctor Who, you may remember him from his Emmy-nominated turn as Prince Phillip in Netflix series The Crown or just recall his face because of that incredibly strong jawline. Smith is also set to star in Star Wars: Episode 9.

After the huge success of Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, I thought we all agreed we should stop making Spider-Man movies and just agree that we reached the pinnacle? Oh, wait, no -- there's also Spider-Man: Far From Home, dropping on July 5.

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