Spider-Man: No Way Home deepfake seamlessly inserts Tobey Maguire

He earned a job at Lucasfilm, and now deepfaker Shamook is tinkering with Marvel.

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Tobey Maguire seamlessly fits into the MCU in more ways than one.

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The YouTuber whose deepfakes were so good he earned a job at Lucasfilm, is now tinkering with Marvel .

Not long after the record-breaking Spider-Man : No Way Home trailer shook the internet, the YouTuber who goes by the name Shamook dropped yet another seamless deepfake into his catalogue.

Check out Tobey Maguire in place of Tom Holland in the No Way Home trailer below. Their jaw structures seem to line up perfectly.

Some expect Maguire to appear in the third Holland Marvel-Sony superhero movie anyway. Maguire is rumored to be reprising his iteration of Spider-Man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick, along with another ex-Spidey actor in Andrew Garfield.

No Way Home sees Peter Parker attempt to reverse the exposure of his secret identity with the help of Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange. After a little accident, they unlock the multiverse, seeing whole cities sink into the ground and villains from earlier Spider-Man films come back to wreak havoc.

In July, the news dropped that Shamook had earned a gig at Lucasfilm in its Industrial Light and Magic visual effects division. His work on de-aging Mark Hamill using deepfake technology in the actor's scenes from The Mandalorian season 2 finale were impressive -- more impressive, some agreed, than the effects in the actual Disney Plus episode.

Shamook has been preoccupied with Spider-Man of late, uploading a series of Tobey Maguire-related deepfakes, which you can see on his channel here. Spider-Man: No Way Home is set for a Dec. 17 release.

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